Hotel Scheduling

To properly manage your hotel, build staff schedules that balance your employee’s requirements as well as the needs of the business all while keeping labor costs under budget. Forecast upcoming labor requirements, receive warnings of staff shortages, and use TimeForge Scheduling to manage requests and availability for your staff!

TimeForge is a powerful staff scheduling and labor management tool for your business. Some of the other features that work very well for hotels and resorts include:

Improve Your Hotel’s Profits – With TimeForge, you can stop team members from showing up too early, or leaving too late (riding the clock). This one feature will more than pay for the cost of the TimeForge software, and will provide immediate labor controls for your management team. Expect to reduce your labor costs dramatically!

Schedule Reminders for Team Members – The team member portal provides remote access for all of your hotel team members to review schedules, preview time punches, update their availability, trade shifts with other team members, and set up reminders to be alerted about schedules via text messages and email.

Integration with POS and PMS Systems – TimeForge can integrate with your PMS and POS systems, synchronizing gross sales, occupancy, arrivals, and departures between TimeForge and your systems seamlessly. Using this new found power, you will be able to remotely view your sales and labor on a single with accurate forecasting capabilities.

TimeForge is a best-of-breed hotel staff scheduling solution for the hospitality, hotel and motel industries, and provides instant and real-time access to hotel staff schedules, time punches, and payroll reports. You can use all of TimeForge, or only the specific parts that your hotel requires – sign up for a free trial today!