Time Punches

With TimeForge Attendance, management can see staff who clocked in using our web based software, your PMS system, or one of our timeclocks.  Management can provide a grace period based on the schedule, and can stop staff from clocking in early, or staying late! Payroll happens in one click.

TimeForge Attendance is a best-of-breed time punch tracking tool for hotels, motels, resorts, and lodging companies – or just about any business in the hospitality industry. Whatever your business needs are, this labor management software can accommodate them, all while increasing profits and tightly controlling your labor costs.

Easy Time Tracking – Staff can clock in from Internet enabled computers, or using fingerprint timeclocks. Management can take a look at clocked in staff at any time, and monitor real-time labor expenses for the day, week, and pay period. Payroll can be easily reviewed by staff member or day, and can be exported to popular payroll programs in a few clicks including ADP, Paychex, SurePayroll, CompuPay, Quickbooks, and many others.

Enforce the Staff Schedule – Staff members who ride the clock (either early clock-ins or late clock-outs) will quickly use up your payroll dollars – reducing profitability for your hotel. By enforcing the schedule, managers can require that team members clock in at the correct time, or with a grace period. This one feature will immediately improve the profitability of your business!

Employee Timecards – Through the online team member portal, timecards are available for both team members and managers. Team members can review their own time punches from any computer – meaning less paperwork, less hassle, and more free time for your management team.

TimeForge delivers a fast Return On Investment for your hotel. Your management team can monitor real-time labor costs and create payroll reports with a single click. Employees can review their own time cards and your managers will spend less time shuffling paperwork, and more time “on the floor”, working with staff and ensuring that your hotel runs smoothly.

You can use the entire TimeForge product suite, or only the parts that your hotel requires – sign up for a free trial today!